Make Your Next Move Easier on the Kids

Moving from one location to another is never easy, but it is always a little tougher on children than it is on adults. Children may not know exactly what is going on, and the bustle of activity may actually scare them a little. It is important that children be prepared for a move as much as possible, and below are some tips to make that happen.

Let Them Help Choose a New Home

When house-hunting for your new home, involve your kids as much as possible. Let them make a wish list of all the things they want in a new home – for instance, a location near the water – so that they feel more a part of the decision-making process. If you can, let them come with you when you are viewing homes to buy, which will help them feel further included within the process.

Let Them Plan Out Their Rooms Ahead of Time

Before your house is purchased, let the kids plan out their bedrooms. Do they want a bedroom with a large window? Where do they want to place their bed, their desk, their toys? They can make a map and draw the items where they want them to be, making it colorful makes it even more fun for the whole family.

Say Goodbye to What You Are Leaving Behind

Take a tour and some pictures of your child’s favorite places in your former city, then help them make a memorable scrapbook. They can also make a scrapbook of their best friends, including pictures and email addresses, so that they can communicate with them when they get to their new home. Anything that reminds them of their former home will make moving to the new location a little easier. Also, make sure they say goodbye in person to the important people in their lives, including best friends, babysitters, grandparents, and teachers.

Pack a Fun Box to Take with You

Let your kids pack a fun box to take with them on their trip to their new home. Include stickers, favorite toys, snacks, and things to keep them busy on the trip. A little familiarity helps them not only stay busy on the trip to their new home, but helps them relax during the journey as well.

Involve Your Child as Much as Possible

Part of any move is the inherent fear of the unknown, so keep your children involved by keeping them involved with everything that is going on. The more they know, the better they will feel overall and the smoother the transition will be for them.

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